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Saint-Tropez Wedding Photographer


Wedding photographer in Côte-d'Azur


looking for natural, elegant and joyfull images

saint-tropez wedding photographer - Young bride sits on a rock at the beach in Provence on her wedding day at sunset next to saint-tropez in côte d'azur
saint-tropez wedding photographer - Wedding couple embracing in dress and suit in the lavender fields at dusk after their wedding next to saint tropez in cote d'azur
saint-tropez wedding photographer - Pale pink velvet wedding ring box on a powder pink background containing a ring of diamonds wedding ring in white gold next to saint-tropez in cote d'azur
saint-tropez wedding photographer - couple embracing in dress and costume in front of the entrance of a provencal castle near a beige and brown Rolls Royce next to saint-tropez in côte d'azur
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saint-tropez wedding photographer - Wedding table in front of the entrance of a provencal castle next to saint-tropez in côte d'azur

Hello !

We are


If you are reading this, it is certainly because you are looking for a photographer for your wedding in Saint-Tropez, or in the surroundings of Côte d'Azur. We live in a small town in Normandy but our job makes us travel all around France. We particularly love to shoot weddings in the French riviera which is one of the most unique and typical places of Europe.

Our approach

Pictures and films of your wedding migh become your most precious. As we want those to be candid and telling stories, we need to know you and your personnal story. Details can be hidden anywhere within this special day, and we love to capture many pieces to build your souvenirs. Moreover your experience during your wedding day is the most important factor for us. We need to build trust to ensure that you feel comfortable and relax ! That love you will feel from your guests, family and your fiance should be remebered for ever through our photographs and films. Nothing goes faster than a wedding day, we would like to ensure we capture every bit of it, from the early start to the dancefloor.

Our style?

Describing a style is as hard as describing a color. You might have to experience it by yourselves, this is why we would recommend you to watch our portfolio. Editorial, fashion, contemporary art are elements that inspire us. If we had to put a few words on our images: refined, elegant, joyful, timeless. We like to capture little details, everything that makes your wedding unique. Authentic pictures include emotions, which make them everlasting.

Saint-Tropez-wedding-photographer (7).JP

Saint-Tropez wedding photographer services

We would like to simplify your researches and bookings. Our collections and services are made to fit your wedding and needs. We based our princing on a number of hours shooting during the D day. Every event of your wedding day can be included, from getting ready to your first dance. As a team of photographer and filmmaker, we will create your souvenirs with the same professionalism, quality and style. As we love and work together, our We love to work as a team, our connexion is the same in everyday life and at work !

Couples (or wedding planner) who contact us between 6 and 12 months in advance, barely have their final planning. We know how it works, we also got maried a few years ago ! Things are going to change in the comming weeks, this is why we often book events with the smallest collection, and upgrade it later. Why that ? Because we would like you to book and secure your photographer early enough, but also to let you enough time to decide which collection better suits your heart.


Our collections start at 2500€, including 6 hours of shooting. Our average couple spends about 3400€ for a solo collection, and about 7200€ for a duo collection. Our pricing is designed to be customizable, this is why we really need to meet and talk about your wedding and your needs. We would like to offer you the best experience without any surprise when time comes to pay the balance, thus all acomodation fees are included.

We also offer options like a photobooth, prints, albums, engagement session (local or in Europe). 

Wedding photographer means travels !

Our brides and grooms to be do not live within 20 miles around our home. As we love to discover new places, landscapes and people, we chose to keep beeing adventurous. Traveling to another country and discover new cultures and colors is part of our way of life and of our future. We would love to follow you in your Château de la Messadière suite or at Château-Saint-Tropez to start your special day.

Those places are part of a long list we would like to discover, contact-us and let us know where you planned to get married in Saint-Tropez !


Edito - Bride at the beach

Toulon, France


Camille & Antoine

Lozère, France


Edito : Lavender Wedding

Provence, France


Eléonore & Charles

Bourgogne, France


Edito : Sara & Mathieu

Provence, France


Brenda & Brandon

Normandie, France


And a few more options :

  • Additional albums

  • Prints

  • Drone views

  • Our Photobooth

  • An engagement or save-the-date session 

  • Rehearsal Diner and Brunch

Here are a few ways you can contact us:

  1. Call us !

  2. Write us a message

  3. Send us an e-mail

  4. Send us a DM on Instagram

  5. Sent a text if you are afraid to talk to us

  6. By Whatsapp or Skype !

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